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Tips for Working from Home Without Childcare

Tips for Working from Home Without Childcare 

As a "work from home with my spouse" pro (we both have separate jobs that allow us to work remotely full time and have been doing this for 5+ years) - I've got some tips and tricks to help make things more manageable if you're stuck at home trying to work with no child care. Leave me a comment below with your thoughts or if you have any other suggestions! 

The Night Before: Establish a game plan 

  • Coordinate schedules with your partner for the next day - try and break it down into hour blocks, determine who has meetings when, what can be rescheduled to another time or day, etc. From there - decide who will work during what timeframes, while the other is in charge of the kid(s)
  • Try and schedule meetings during nap time if possible 
  • Respect each other's schedules and try to accommodate. Fighting over who's meeting is more important doesn't help anyone. Understand which meetings you can and cannot move, expect your partner to do the same, and work as a team