Postpartum fitspo - give your body some grace!

There's no shortage of postpartum fitness "inspo" out there. It seems as though everywhere you turn, someone has miraculously gotten their pre-baby body back two days after they deliver, and even though we know it's not realistic, it's hard to see without drawing comparisons to yourself and your own body. 

Before getting pregnant, my friend had asked my husband and I to officiate her wedding. We were so honored and thrilled to do it. The wedding ended up being about 5 weeks after I delivered our son. We planned and prepared well in advance, we had the entire ceremony written before I went into labor, and we were committed to being there for our friends in the way that we had promised we would be "pre-baby". And we were - everything was fine - except having to decide what to wear. 

The road to finding something was disheartening to say the least. Now, about 15 months later, I can laugh but at the time, it was a whole deal. 

I began by ordering a few dresses in a few sizes online - figuring I could try them on at home and send back what I didn't like. Well, nothing I ordered fit (even the larger sizes that I ordered as a backup just in case). I also had to search for a different fit and silhouette than I was used to...was it possible to find something that covered my stomach, butt, arms, and legs, and still look young and hip and attractive? Trust me I searched everywhere! I then took myself out of the house and went shopping at the mall. I was mid-stroller push between aisles of dresses when I randomly started peeing my pants. This was especially terrifying at the time because I didn't even have to go, and I couldn't stop it once it started. Luckily - I was still wearing pads at the time - so nothing was noticeable - but the fear of peeing myself while officiating my friend's wedding was now prominently at the top of my list of worries. 

I called one of my other friends, who had just had a baby about 9 months prior, who told me very simply that I had just given birth and I needed to give myself grace. Easier said than done, but from that moment on I tried to stop being so hard on myself and to just appreciate my body for what it had done. I didn't really have any other options. It was that or feel miserable. 

I personally started feeling ready to prioritize my health and body again (consistently) around 9-10 months, and it wasn't until about 12 months that I actually got into a good routine. Everyone is different, but my goal for this post is just to say - whatever your timeline is, is YOUR timeline. It can be quick, or it can take longer. While you're taking care of your baby...take care of yourself. Be easier on yourself. Give yourself grace. And remember that you and your body are incredible!



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