5 Favorite Summer Maternity Dresses You Can Shop on Amazon or Target

Hey Mamas!

Hope everyone’s week is going great. Ever since finding out I was pregnant, I’ve developed a pretty standard summer maternity dress uniform - which is mostly just dresses that are stretchy, flattering, comfortable, and inexpensive. I bought most of them in black, navy, or olive - so I just throw on the same sandals or jacket and call it a day. I’ve been able to find some really good deals online lately - which is nice because I don’t like to spend too much on maternity clothes that will only fit me for a short time. I thought I’d share some of my favorites here in case any other mamas are struggling to find cute dresses without breaking the bank. These are also all on either Amazon or Target to make life easy. A few of these do have affiliate links, so I may earn a very small commission if you decide to purchase. Rest assured I’ve  bought and worn all of the dresses on this list personally, and I will only ever recommend what I truly love. Let me know in the comments below if you have any others that you love and we can add them to our list to share!

Sleeveless Olive Dress - Amazon

I love this one - it was great even before I started showing and has enough stretch I can wear it all summer. I have the olive color and it looks cute with a jean jacket. 

Short Sleeve Sweatshirt Dress - Amazon

Extremely soft, and comfortable. I bought it in the navy.

Blue and White Boho Maxi Dress - Amazon

I was definitely influenced by someone on Instagram for this one, but I’m really happy with it. Great for dressing up or down (if you have somewhere exciting to go - haha) 

Long Sleeve Sweatshirt Dress - Amazon

Depending on where you live, this may be a better fall option - but I wore it in the spring and really liked it. Very comfortable and they have it in several colors. 

Sleeveless Stretchy Maternity Dress - Target 

I’m not embarrassed to say, I have this one in three colors. It’s super comfortable, relatively flattering, and is good for various stages of pregnancy.

I’ve also had decent luck on ASOS finding basics like t-shirts, shorts, and joggers. 

Happy shopping!

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